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Explanation of Activity


In 2010, Myanmar openness policies towards overseas is advancing at a rapid pace under authority of President Thein Sein, I think Myanmar will be in rapid development with natural beauty and abundant underground resources, Buddhist temple ruins deliberately, from a high literacy rate and national character and friendly.


We have a variety of activities at the request of the Government of Myanmar in Myanmar national projects.
Myanmar is open right now, as you know, began to advance up the country by big steer to the road to a modern state. Among them, the solution developed infrastructure and traffic environment, energy issues, medical problems, etc. are many urgent challenges and anxious for Japanese technology and investment.
By such demands, our company is active now looking forwards to improve traffic environment, energy problems, and solving medical problems. We will do our best toward pleasing for development of Myanmar and to improve the lives of the people of Myanmar.
We will party intend to continue to grow together as a company that is familiar with the volunteer and Japanese companies.


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